Planning Permit Applications

Ethos NRM adopts an integrated approach during the planning and approval stages of a client’s project by liaising directly with regulatory authorities, completing detailed site assessments and preparing high standard reports. This reduces the time required to achieve approval and significantly reduces project expense.

CapabilitiesHabitat Zones

  • Vegetation Assessment for Planning Permit Applications – for applications to remove native vegetation under Low, Medium and High risk pathways.
  • Bushfire Risk Assessments – Bushfire Attack Level determination and preparation of Bushfire Management Statements.
  • Land Capability Assessments – for domestic effluent disposal (‘septic tank’) systems.
  • Planning Permit Applications – to address the requirements of specific planning overlays (EMO, ESO, BMO, VPO).
  • Erosion Management Overlay (EMO) Assessments – to determine if a detailed geotechnical assessment of erosion risk is required.

Ethos NRM can undertake the necessary studies to assist landholders in obtaining environmental planning approvals for all types of projects, including houses/dwellings, buildings, works and subdivision developments.

Development of a property/site, including for construction of single dwellings, commonly requires a number of different planning approvals for factors such as; vegetation removal and offsets, septic tank permits, erosion management planning permits and/or Bushfire Management Statements.

Example projects:

  • Numerous Council Planning Permit Applications, across all Gippsland Municipalities, for landholders addressing planning overlays, effluent disposal and removal of native vegetation.
  • Erosion Management Overlay Assessments throughout East Gippsland
  • Planning Permit and Environmental Approvals for Public Land Bridges Project (DEPI, 2010).
  • Planning & Environmental Approvals for Snowy River Camp (Outward Bound, 2012).