Environmental Planning & Approvals

Ethos NRM can undertake the necessary studies to assist clients in obtaining environmental planning approvals for all types of projects, large or small.
We adopt an integrated approach during the planning and approval stages of a client’s project by liaising directly with the regulatory authorities, completing detailed site assessments and preparing high standard reports. This reduces the time required to achieve approval and significantly reduces project expense.


CapabilitiesPlanning Approvals

  • Planning permits
  • EPBC referrals and offsets
  • Septic tank permits / Land Capability Assessments / Soil Tests
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Strategic and statutory land use planning
  • Construction specification and environmental compliance plans
  • Linear Infrastructure approvals
  • Mining, exploration & development approvals
  • Extractive industry approvals

Ethos NRM routinely assist clients to obtain approvals at a local, state and federal level. By identifying potential environmental and regulatory constraints early on in a project’s design, costly time delays can be avoided and realistic planning schedules can be developed. Our integrated approach provides a cost and time effective means where multiple approvals and aspects of a project exist (e.g. vegetation removal, bushfire risk assessment, planning permits).

Example Projects

  • Numerous regulatory permit approvals to Environment Protection Authority, Water Authorities, Catchment Management Authorities etc.
  • Numerous Council Planning Permit Applications across all Gippsland Municipalities
  • Stockman Mine Terrestrial Vegetation Assessment Technical Report for EES (Independence Group, 2014).
  • Supporting technical documentation for environmental approvals.