Conservation and Land Management Planning

Ethos NRM provides a broad range of services to assist landholders in either restoring degraded landscapes or managing and improving existing areas of native vegetation.


  • Weed and pest animal management planning – including weed identification, mapping, threat assessment, prioritisation of works, development of control strategies.
  • Revegetation and habitat restoration / enhancement plans.
  • Rehabilitation plans (e.g. quarries, mine closures).
  • Erosion and sediment control plans.
  • Landuse capability/feasibility studies.

Ethos NRM have extensive experience in assisting Government agencies and private landholders in the identification and development of management plans for pest plants and animals.

We provide specialist advice to clients on conservation and land management planning. Ethos NRM staff have the skills and experience in:

  • Development of management plans for a wide variety of purposes,
  • Meeting of legislative requirements,
  • Development of conservation strategies and
  • Planning and design of restoration works.

Example Projects

  • Orbost Fire Complex Pest Plant Management Plan (DELWP & PV, 2015).
  • Alpine National Park, Snowy Catchment – Pest Plant Prioritisation (Parks Victoria, 2012).
  • East Gippsland Littoral Rainforest Management Plan (DEPI, 2011-2015).
  • Far East Gippsland Fireweed Investigation (Parks Victoria, 2013).
  • Victorian Alps – Wild Horse Delimitation Project (Parks Victoria, 2012).
  • East Gippsland Landcare Network Revegetation Strategy (2012).
  • Lower Snowy-Brodribb Rainforest: Priorities and Actions for Management, Repair and Re-creation of Past Stands (Parks Victoria, 2010).