Wetland and Waterway Management / Assessment

Ethos NRM offer a range of services to assist in the management of wetlands and waterways.


  • Waterway health and ecological condition assessment – including the application of standard assessment techniques (habitat hectares, Index of Stream Condition, State River Health Works Monitoring Method).
  • Threat, value, and impact assessment – for rivers, wetlands, and estuaries including prioritisation of values for protection or threats requiring management. Ethos NRM has experience in the identification of key species, communities, and ecological processes, and the assessment of threats and potential impacts of activities or developments on these identified values.
  • Strategic planning for waterway health – including the identification of key values and threats, their interactions and the implications for waterway health and management. Ethos NRM can develop tailored prioritisation frameworks to assist in strategic and regional planning.
  • Wetland condition assessment, mapping and management – using our experience in management of, and planning for wetlands, Ethos NRM can utilise standard assessment techniques (including the Index of Wetland Condition methodology) to provide recommendations for management.
  • Waterway Management Plans – Ethos NRM has the skills and resources to assist in the development of Waterway Management Plans for approval by Catchment Management Authorities.

Our experience in the active management of waterways and wetlands throughout Gippsland, combined with extensive skills in the collection and management of spatial data, and skills in the development of specific prioritisation frameworks, enables us to provide a suite of services to assist in the effective management of a variety of aquatic ecosystems.

Example Projects

  • Environmental Management Plan: Construction of Low Flow Fishway Horseshoe Bend, Thomson River (West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, 2012).
  • High Value Wetlands of the Lower Snowy/Brodribb Estuary: Rehabilitation Priorities (Parks Victoria, 2011).
  • Evaluation of Flood Response for East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (Alluvium, 2011).
  • DSE Statewide Stream Resilience Project – Index of Stream Condition Assessment of 11 sites in Gippsland (Alluvium, 2011).

Wetland and waterway management