Spatial Data Capture, Analysis and Mapping

Ethos NRM has extensive experience in the capture, analysis, management and display of spatial information.


  • Spacial DataData collection
  • Capture of baseline information for future monitoring programs
  • Spatial data management, mapping and analysis
  • Production of high quality maps
  • Monitoring and change detection
  • Vegetation and land cover mapping
  • Project specific GIS mapping and spatial dataset development

Ethos NRM staff have extensive experience in the use of GIS and spatial data management. GIS plays an integral role in the management of natural resources and enhances the ability to capture and analyse data, quantify outputs and visually display information to clearly illustrate results.

We capture data in the field on Trimble Nomad GPS units and use ESRI ArcGIS software to analyse, interrogate and map information.

Example Projects

  • Protecting the Best and Highlands Down GIS Mapping & Spatial Data-set Management (East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, 2009).
  • Protecting the Best Mapping and GIS data collation (Parks Victoria, 2010).
  • Water Forget-me-not (Myosotis laza subsp. caespitosa) Survey, Mapping and Photographic Point Monitoring. Alpine National Park (Parks Victoria, 2013, 2014).
  • Wonnangatta Valley Cape Broom Mapping Project (Parks Victoria, 2014).
  • Alpine Sphagnum Bogs and Associated Fens ecological community – habitat predication mapping (for Stockman Project, 2013).
  • Blores Hill Mountain Bike Trail Map (Parks Victoria, 2015).