Ethos NRM staff are DELWP Accredited Native Vegetation Assessors and can undertake flora and fauna surveys of varying complexity.


  • Preliminary flora surveys – an initial site assessment to determine vegetation type, extent, confirm Ecological Vegetation Class and identify if any high value vegetation is present.
  • Detailed flora surveys – includes preparing full terrestrial flora species lists for a site or undertaking transect surveys where species cover/abundance is recorded.
  • Fauna survey and habitat assessment – includes remote sensing camera installation and monitoring, spotlighting and call back (nocturnal birds, mammals and amphibians) and habitat mapping.
  • Habitat Hectare and Scattered Tree assessments – undertaken to address DELWP’s prescribed requirements and methodology for a planning permit to remove native vegetation and determine vegetation offset obligations.
  • Vegetation assessments for Offset Credits – assessment of vegetation for listing on the DELWP Native Vegetation Credit Register for trading of ‘Offset Credits’.
  • Threatened species (flora and fauna) surveys, assessment and management planning.
  • GIS and spatial mapping:
    • vegetation type, condition and extent.
    • threatened species or communities distribution, habitat or population density.
    • introduced species distribution, habitat and population density.
  • Ecological monitoring e.g. fire response.
  • Environmental review, benchmarking and performance management.
  • Referral and planning permit conditions implementation.
  • Impact assessment and risk mitigation.

Envirnmental Assessment

Example Projects

  • Monitoring Changes in the Levels of Deer Abundance and Impacts in the Alpine National Park (PV, 2015).
  • State-wide Vegetation Quality Assessment (DSE, 2012).
  • East Gippsland Landcare Network Revegetation Strategy (EGLN, 2012).
  • Habitat Hectare Assessments for Stockman Mine and Mineral Exploration (Independence Group, 2007-2013).
  • Dwarf Kerrawang (Rulinga prostrata), Billabong Flora and Fauna Reserve, Victoria: Population extent, threats and management recommendations (DSE, 2011).
  • Pre & Post Fire Flora Monitoring – East Gippsland (Arthur Rylah Institute, 2010- 2011).
  • Site Marking and Panoramic Photography for Project HawkEye (DEPI, 2012).
  • Orbost Spiny Cray: Survey Requirements and Habitat Suitability Assessment – Martin Creek (VicRoads, 2011).