Coastal / Estuarine Processes and Assessment

Ethos NRM are highly experienced in assessment and management of coastal and estuarine environments.


  • Threat, value, and impact assessment – for coastal landforms, ecosystems, and estuaries, including identification and prioritisation of values for protection, and threats requiring management. Ethos NRM has extensive experience in assessment of ecological processes and determining potential impacts from a variety of activities or developments.
  • Shoreline erosion assessment and management – assessment of shoreline erosion in coastal environments, including the open coast and estuaries. Through an expert understanding of underlying coastal processes and integration of the best available science, Ethos NRM are able to provide meaningful and practical recommendations for the management of erosion and shoreline change in coastal environs.
  • Estuary condition assessment and management – including the identification of key values and threats, their interactions, and the implications for estuarine health and management. Ethos NRM can develop tailored prioritisation frameworks to assist in specific or strategic planning exercises, as well as the provision of practical advice for the management of threats within estuarine systems.
  • Strategic Coastal Planning and Management – we have substantial experience in the classification of coastal environments to assist in the development of natural asset frameworks to inform regional planning and prioritisation. By using coastal landforms and processes as a basis for classification, Ethos NRM can apply a defined framework to areas of coast, thereby creating meaningful units to assist in planning and management.

Ethos NRM staff have extensive knowledge of estuarine, coastal and marine environments, particularly the Gippsland Lakes and estuaries of eastern Victoria. Through an understanding of geomorphic coastal processes, and the integration of potential climate change implications, we can assist clients in the development of recommendations for management, planning and implementation of on-ground works.

Wingan River Estuary

Example Projects

  • Gippsland Lakes Shore Erosion and Rehabilitation Strategy (Gippsland Coastal Board, 2002)
  • Loch Sport Foreshore Erosion: Investigation and Recommendations (DEPI & Loch Sport Foreshore CoM, 2011).
  • Estuary Opening Regimes – East Gippsland (DSE, 2010).
  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Coastal Subsidence along the Gippsland Coast (Gippsland Coastal Board, 2008)
  • Ninety Mile Beach Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (Water Technology, 2013).
  • Gippsland Integrated Planning – Coastal Action Plan (Gippsland Coastal Board, 2002).
  • Western Discharge Pipeline Weed Management Works (Gippsland Ports, 2013).